Welcome! Let’s R.O.A.R.

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R.O.A.R.: To Reach, Organize, Act & Realize your goals to a thriving life filled with passion, purpose, and profits.

I’m a strong believer in living your truth and happiness, and not someone else’s idea for you. Learn how to R.O.A.R. and monetize those things that truly make you happy. Live a life where the lines between work and play are blurred because you are that fulfilled doing what you love.

As you attempt to navigate your personal and professional journeys — from love, marriage, and children, to demotions, promotions, and career transitions — fear, self-doubt, and resistance can distract you from your aim, goals and true potential. You are not alone. I have been there, ROARed, and overcame.

We can, and should make all our dreams come true. My R.O.A.R. method will help you do this.

Passionate Entrepreneur

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Let me help you organize your thoughts, passions, and skills to create and build a thriving and fulfilling life.

Whether you seek success in business or personal fulfillment, R.O.A.R. will equip you with the skills and tools you need, to earn the MONEY that will allow you the freedom you seek. Along the way, at the very least, there will be much to smile and laugh about. But imagine, MONEY combined with laughter is even better.

My aim is not to pigeonhole you or limit you, as so many have tried to do. Very often, our friends and family’s visions for our lives do not align with our visions for ourselves. Administrators often encourage us to pick one major or select a career path and stick to it for the rest of our lives. Bosses and managers are unaware of our creativity and full potential, blinded by the need to simply “get the job done.”

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the need to follow your own path to personal and professional fulfillment. While no two individuals’ paths will be the same, my R.O.A.R. method will help you decide and secure the best path for you.

Get Your Copy of Nadege’s Passion Project: Haiti Uncovered

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A beautifully crafted coffee table travel cookbook with over 300 pages of recipes, photos, history and culture promoting the culinary heritage of Haiti.

Are you a ROARior?

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You are full of light, full of passion, full of experiences.

Through my own experiences, I aim to help you craft a life where you can merge all your passions into a thriving career that fulfills you. Your development matters to me. I am where I am today because of advice received from others and the time and care various mentors invested in my progress. I am here to serve in the same manner and Pay It Forward. Through R.O.A.R. (Reach, Organize, Act, & Realize), you will learn that only the sky is the limit, and you are only limited by the power of your thoughts and your ability to work and overcome. When you are a ROARior, you believe just that!

Pay It Forward

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Service is not a choice. It is a duty.

As you explore this site, get to know me, and buy my various products and services from my creative outlets, you will learn that my aim is to contribute to you as an individual and to the world at large. Essentially, to make an impact through words and deeds.

I am blessed to have been able to craft a life and career that I thoroughly enjoy. Is it perfect? Far from it! But I am happy! And happiness is EVERYTHING! Because of these blessings, I can make a living, earn money — and let’s not kid ourselves as money is super important. I love Shoes! I just can’t walk in them — and still, attempt to touch lives in the ways others have touched mine.

I invite you on this journey of guts, honesty, and self-discovery. Armed with the tips and tools from this website, and guided by your passion, drive and determination, your road to personal fulfillment and business success is right at your fingertips. And I am here to cheer and guide you on! I am your personal ROARior.

Let’s Partner to Achieve Your Vision

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Benefits of us working together.

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If you are ready to achieve meaningful growth in your life, I invite you to coach with me.
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Congregate, communicate and collaborate with like-minded individuals.
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Created and developed for transparency and open dissemination of information. Join me, at the workshops, to learn ways to up your entrepreneurial skills.


As an entrepreneur and coach, I am are here to teach you the skills and discipline it takes to reach your goals and thus, full potential. Tell me what you want to achieve, and let us work together to craft a program to support your journey and make your vision a reality.