How To Set & CRUSH ALL your Goals in 2018

Happy New Year ROARiors!

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This is my favorite time of year. I love the idea of renewal. I love setting out on the journey of the new year with my goals (some say resolutions, but I prefer GOALS)! Goals are more steadfast, determined, and more actionable.

For as long as I could remember, I wrote out my New Year goals at the end of December. I basically consider the new year my fiscal year to my life. Just like businesses set plans for their businesses, I believe we should set plans for our lives. Not just our professional and our business life, but all aspects of our lives. That includes love, health, friendships, etc.

That’s why I am starting this new year with the launch of my coaching and business consulting practice. In 2017, I stated that by the end of the year, I would have everything lined up to truly serve the you the way I know I was meant. Utilizing my 15 years of experience in running my businesses to help you set out your own course and carve out a life filled with purpose where your passions and career can co-exist. I am beyond elated to share this additional chapter of my journey with you.

Back to goal setting. We see these beautiful images of friends on social media with the hashtags  #squadgoals #lovegoals etc. Well all of these things are possible if followed by ACTION. And I Want to leave you with a tip on how to make it happen for yourself this year! How to go from wanting, wishing, and hoping to crushing all your goals!

Even in my mastermind groups where the focus is on Business and Career goals, I require all participants to come to the group with 3 major goals. The areas I suggest are:

  • Business/Career
  • Friends & Family
  • Personal (Health, fun, dating, etc.)

So How do you Crush Your Goals in 2018? 

The simple trick to accomplishing your goals are: be clear, be reminded, and be working!


Ensure that your goals are SMART. They are Specific, Measurable, Achievable due to your available resources, Relevant to your passions and your needs(this is your why), and Time Based.

Setting SMART Goals

    • Specific: I will start selling my handmade wigs by doing wig samples and showcasing them via Instagram utilizing my friends and family as models. My aim is to sell at least 4 wigs per week.
    • Measurable: I will pre-make 8 different wig samples by end of January averaging 2 wigs per week during that time. I will use the month of February to take pictures of the wigs on various models (friends and family) so I can have pictures to post on my Instagram account. I will have at least 2 other Instagram accounts post my wigs.
    • Achievable: I will cut down on the hours I go out on the weekends so I can utilize 4 hours on the weekend to make the wig samples and create my Instagram account and build my business.
    • Relevant: I love hair, and love making women feel beautiful so this is a great outlet to share my talent and my passion for hair with the world while earning money.
    • Time Based: Many people say things like, I want to lose weight in the New Year. I suggest this modifying to a statement similar to the one below that speaks to your reason and motivation: By the end of 2018, I will lose 35 pounds, so I can be in better shape to play with my kids. I will do this by going to Zumba class at least 3 days a week when the kids are in school, and taking one hike with my husband on weekends.

General goal example: I want to start selling handmade wigs in 2018.
SMART goal example:I will have a thriving wig business selling 4 wigs per week by by March 31st 2018.

II. Be Reminded

Don’t just think your goals, write them, and post them. Post them in your bathroom, your car, anywhere you can see them DAILY. Read them in the morning, and read them at night. Be reminded so it sticks.

III. Get To Work 

Goals without action mean nothing. Stay on it and get to work. I always say it takes almost a certain level of obsession to accomplish our goals. And I still stand by that. Check out Grant Cardone’s book, Be Obsessed or be Average. You have to constantly keep your goals top of mind. We are bombarded with distractions from social media, television and life. So if we are not a bit obsessed with keeping on track, things can easily fall by the wayside. So get to work! Do the things that is necessary to bring your goals to life. If spending time with family is important, it may mean passing up on a promotion. If starting your business is important, it may mean sacrificing some family time. This is the reason why your WHY is very important. Why do you want to accomplish this goal? Once you are connected to that, it will be easier to work on getting it done despite the hurdles. Every day ask yourself this: “what did I do today toward accomplishing this goal”. The destination is not reached in one single step, it is a series of small steps done repeatedly that will you toward your goals. Don’t overwhelm yourself with doing a million things every day. Just do one thing per day in the direction you desire and you will see the results!



As an entrepreneur and life coach, I am are here to teach you the skills and discipline it takes to reach your goals and thus, full potential. Tell me what you want to achieve, and let us work together to craft a program to support your journey and make your vision a reality.
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